If you’re a fan of mineral make-up and are looking for something extra in your beauty regimen – look no further. Founded by a pharmacist who has witnessed the benefits of mineral make up, Apothéke was conceived as an innovative cosmetic solution to offer the modern woman a choice in customizing her beauty needs.

A few words from our founder… “Having a genetic inheritance of oily skin, I fully understand the challenges facing women in finding make-up that makes one look great and yet gentle on your skin. Having used mineral make-up for over 2 years, I have taken the time to try out various products to see what works best. With these results, I wanted to share that knowledge with women out there who face the same issues. Not everyone is aware but not all mineral make-up are made equal. Hence the importance of knowing what goes into the product you’re using! Apothéke is committed to providing you with the highest quality of products and au natural ingredients – at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for your generous support and have a truly organic experience!” Love, Michelle     

Apothéke Mineral Make-Up Apothéke is a range of non-comedogenic products that are stripped bare of harmful components whilst providing excellent coverage, a superior finish, and yet protect your skin.

This is achieved through the combination of the best formulas available and functional natural extracts that confer additional benefits such as oil absorption and antioxidant effects. So depending on your needs such as  oil control, skin brightening, managing acne prone or sensitive skin, you will be able to find the perfect formula for yourself. Janice is wearing Honey Medium (Foundation), Clay Blush (Blush), Pearl Nude (Eyeshadow) and Silk & Pearl Veil (Mineral Veil).